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Hello and thanks for visiting our site.

We're Sandra and Nelson Earnhardt.  We make our Stained Glass Windows Ourselves.

We are both retired and have found that making these stained glass replacement windows for your camper door is most satisfying to us and our customers.

We camp a lot at Ocean Lakes Campground in Myrtle Beach. You can ride around the campground on any given day and see a lot of vacationers with our windows in their camper. 

We have our windows in travel trailers,5th wheels, toy haulers,a few motor homes and some of these happy campers that have 2 doors will have 2 windows that we made.

We do a lot of camping and meet a lot of very nice people. We started out with  making a window for our own camper and then other campers noticed it and that just about says it all. From that first window about 12 years ago, we have made a lot of different ones for our fellow campers. We have people that buy one and come back and purchase additional windows for gifts for family and friends. 

The windows travel well and hold up nicely. We recommend spraying a fine mist of car wax on them about 2 times a year. This keeps the solder and glass nice and shiny.

Hope you find one that you just have to have and if you don't, email us at 1945glassman@gmail.com and we will see what we can do.

Sandra and Nelson Earnhardt